How to play craps, learning the rules and how to win in Vegas casino

, How to play craps, learning the rules and how to win in Vegas casino

Although craps table layout may look complex, the basic understanding of the game is based on the fact that a pair of dice will be thrown by the players and the wager will be made depended on the final outcome of the rolled dices. How to play casino craps is also about understanding how bets work. There are twenty-two options to make the bet but the majority of participants will mostly stick with only two options, which is “Pass the line” and “Don’t pass the line”.

Getting to grips with playing the game

When instructions are given for beginners of how to play craps it is better to outline the order in which the events of the game will take place. It can be defined as follows:

  • In the beginning a shooter has to be chosen who will have to make a bet, whereas other players will follow him in clockwise order. Every individual can make a portion of shooter’s bet and it will be continued until shooter’s wager is going to be matched;
  • Players may go along with the shooter “Pass the line” or against “Don’t pass the line”;
  • Come out roll will be made next, whereas it could be the last if 7, 11, 3, 2 and 12. Any person and the shooter will win immediately if 11 or 7 appear. In case if other numbers like 12, 3 and 2 appear then the shooter and all players who bet for him will lose;
  • The point number is any number apart from the ones that are mentioned above;
  • How to play craps game then continues as the shooter rolls the dices and his target is to reach the point number before 7 appears. This is an immediate loss for the shooter if 7 is reached before point number;
  • The round continues before either 7 or the point number comes out.

How to play craps if a player is in Vegas includes 22 other options available that are represented on the table. It includes:

  1. Pass Line;
  2. Don’t Pass;
  3. Come;
  4. Don’t Come;
  5. Pass Line Odds;
  6. Don’t Pass Odds;
  7. Come Odds;
  8. Don’t Come Odds;
  9. Place Win;
  10. Place Lose;
  11. Buy;
  12. Lay;
  13. Big 6;
  14. Big 8;
  15. Hardways;
  16. Field;
  17. Any 7;
  18. Any 11;
  19. Any Craps;
  20. Ace Deuce;
  21. Aces;
  22. Boxcar.

Different options have different probability and therefore financial rewards for the same wager.

How to win craps when playing Vegas casino?

, How to play craps, learning the rules and how to win in Vegas casino

Knowing probability of various betting options will help to win the game. The following house edge percentage should be known:

  • Pass line bet has house edge of only 1.41%;
  • Come play odds also has 1.41%;
  • Pass plus bet offers 0.8 for single odd;
  • 2x odds is equal to 0.6%;
  • 3x and 4x have 0.4%;
  • 5x has 0.3%;
  • 10x has 0.2%.

Don’t pass the line has the best odds for the following:

  • Do not pass the line has odds of 1.38%;
  • Don’t pass the line for single odd has 0.7%;
  • 2x has 0.5%;
  • 3x and 4x have 0.3%;
  • 5x has 0.2%;
  • 10x has 0.1%.

How to play craps reach perfection and win is heavily based on understanding probability and executing right strategies, for instance Labouchere.

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