How to play roulette at the casino. The most popular variations of roulette

, How to play roulette at the casino. The most popular variations of roulette

How to play roulette is a concern of every player who only starts his gambling experience and wants to succeed in this game. Roulette is the first thing we imagine when we think about the casino. And there is no doubt as it is the most famous casino game in the world, that appeared in many movies, TV shows, and lots of other places. Since the 17th century, it captivates visitors, filling them with an atmosphere of glamour and mystery. Also, roulette has been so demanded among players, because of its the simplest possible rules. The main goal of the user is just to guess a certain number or a group of them in order to profit from his placed bet.

Strategies on how to play roulette and win

It’s very important to understand how to play roulette if you decided to try this amazing game for the first time. You may think that roulette mostly depends on luck, but it’s not that simple. There are special rules and tricks that you must follow to get closer to the big winnings. Lots of professional players have been tested their strategies on how to play roulette at the casino for years to get convinced that they are working and bring good results. And some of the most popular are:

  1. Roulette Martingale Strategy – means that the player must double his bet if he loses, and stay on the same initial bet if he wins. The main point of this strategy is to save as much money as possible, and have more chances to win;
  2. Simple Gun and Run Martingale – means to place even-money outside the bets, so in general, you will have 18 chances to win and 20 chances to lose. It can save you from big losses, as betting on two spins is very convenient and offers more possibilities for a better income;
  3. Simple Paroli System – is the easiest strategy on how to play roulette and is very good for the newbies. The point of it is to increase the bet constantly after winning three times, and after that to go back to the initial bet.

Whatever strategy you choose, also remember to stay calm and try to control your budget. Don’t get too emotional, as this may affect you in a bad way during the game. Also, try to practice these strategies on how to play roulette at casino in a free mode.

The main variations of roulette

, How to play roulette at the casino. The most popular variations of roulette

It is well-known that roulette, like any other casino game, has many variations. In most cases, people used to play two of them: European and American. They are the most popular and usually bring a very good profit. Though, they have some insignificant differences that can be felt during the game:

  • The European roulette contains 37 sectors and American has 38. So that means that playing the European version, you have more chances to win;
  • The American version of roulette is considered as more glamorous and fashionable, at the same time it can bring much bigger profits;
  • The European roulette has a specific rule, called La Partage, which gives back to players half of their bets if they get zero while placing an even-money bet;
  • The American roulette is loved by many professional casino players and has legions of devotees all over the world, while European is more popular among the newbies.

Roulette is definitely worth playing in all of its variations, as all of them are interesting and entertaining. It’s an amazing experience when you can get fun and profit at the same time. So roulette will be the best choice to get both.

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