The biggest casino wins in the history of games ever

, The biggest casino wins in the history of games ever

There is top 10 biggest casino wins

  • Cynthia Jay worked as a waitress to who belongs one of the biggest casino wins. In the casino, she decided to look after the work shift. Cynthia was not going to play for high stakes – in the pocket of the girl was only 27 dollars. The girl lowered the coins and was about to leave, when suddenly … won. The jackpot was of unbelievable size – 34 959 458 dollars!
  • One of the world’s most famous gamblers, Kerry Parker, is the owner of one of the biggest casino wins ever in casino history. Now he is a multi-billionaire and media magnate. Luck smiled at Kerry in 1997. In one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas – MGM Grand – he won more than twenty million dollars. However, the exact amount of the Austrian win is unknown. This is either 20, or 40 million – there were several wins;
  • Investing a hundred dollars and getting in return about four tens of millions was a twenty-five-year-old engineer from Los Angeles. In 2003, he came to Las Vegas for a basketball game and casually entered the casino. The winnings amounted to $ 39,713 982.25, which is comparable with the average profit of the entire casino for the month;
  • Joseph Jagger is a true human legend. He was able to honestly win in Monte Carlo roulette millions of francs. The reason for luck was Jagger’s creative approach to the game process. Joseph regularly bet on certain 9 roulette numbers. On the first day he took home about half a million francs. But this did not stop. In total, over the following days, he won 2 million francs;
  • Elmer Shervin won 4 and a half and 21 million dollars in a Las Vegas casino. The first time, when Shervin was 76 years old, he went to the Mirage casino and took a large jackpot – $ 4.6 million. The man spent money on a world tour. After this incident, the casino became the favorite place of the pensioner. He went there twice a week. And the efforts were not in vain! After sixteen years in the same casino, the man again took the jackpot. This time – $ 21 million;
  • Archie Karas is a player from Greece who came to Vegas in December 1992 with only $ 50 in his pocket. For six months, he became the owner of 17 million dollars, which by the beginning of 1995 had turned into 40 million dollars playing baccarat, billiards, dice and poker;
  • Ashley Revell is a native of England, who at 32 decided to show everyone what he could do. Waiting for a turning point in life, Ashley put all the money in red, namely 135 thousand dollars. Ball got up on the red seven and Ashley doubled his fortune;
  • Amy Nishimura arrived in Las Vegas for the holidays. One game machine somehow immediately attracted her. The woman felt that the machine seemed lucky. She came to it and began to talk. Start explaining why she needed money and ask for luck to visit her right now. Then Amy lowered the token and set about playing. And after three hours of hard play, the machine gave a jackpot;
  • Once the gaming machine Wheel of Fortune gave a 60-year-old woman $ 680,000. But the money did not turn the lady’s head: instead of spending it right and left, the woman continued to regularly visit the casino;
  • In 1996, postal employee John Tippin came to Las Vegas for a vacation and max bet with payout for freespins in Megabucks and got $ 12 million.

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